APC recognises the importance of hydrogen mobility

The recognition of hydrogen as part of the future transportation mix keeps increasing.

The Advanced Propulsion Centre’s (APC) latest transport roadmaps identifies key trends that will determine future development in powertrains and technologies to meet consumer requirements and environmental ambitions.

This 2018 roadmap report is wider in its coverage as it identifies hydrogen as an important enabler of balancing the future energy system and powering future road transport.

The report suggests Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) could become more attractive if the costs of reinforcing the electricity grid becomes too expensive. Further stimulation could occur if hydrogen production can support the grid by storing excess renewable energy generation.

The APC see opportunities for Fuel Cell technologies across the transport spectrum but most notably in buses. The benefits from longer ranges and shorter refuelling times would allow bus fleet operators to increase utilisation. An additional benefit is in the lower strain on the electricity grid during peak times compared with additional electric-battery powered buses.

Importantly the roadmap report sees electric and fuel cell vehicles as complementary technologies, not as substitutes. The UK government recently announced a £20 million [1] fund to address the challenges and further develop the hydrogen economy. We hope the upcoming Road to Zero strategy addresses this and promotes a game-changing role for hydrogen.

The Hydrogen Hub continues working with local authorities, Government and industry to develop the case for hydrogen mobility and generate deployment locally.

The APC’s 2018 Roadmap report can be accessed at: https://www.apcuk.co.uk/app/uploads/2018/06/roadmap-report-26-6-18.pdf

[1] £20 million boost for business innovators powering the UK’s hydrogen economy, https://www.gov.uk/government/news/20-million-boost-for-business-innovators-powering-the-uks-hydrogen-economy


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