Oxfordshire has now launched the second Hydrogen Hub. As the region is looking to introduce the UK’s first zero-emission zone in 2020, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies will have an important role to play, enabling the city to deliver on this ambitious plan to improve air quality and decarbonise energy through new transport technologies, for the benefit of the local environment and economy.

The launch of the Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub brought together businesses and stakeholders to learn about the different technologies and how they might be applied in different scenarios to deliver clean, cost-effective energy.

Speakers included both technology developers and those currently using the technology. Those attending – as well as members of the public passing by the Said Business School – got to see two hydrogen vehicles, a Hyundai ix35 fuel cell and a Toyota Mirai, displayed in front of the venue.

Kevin Fothergill, Hydrogen Hub Chairman

“It was really encouraging to see that more than 80 people from business, education, and local government attended the launch event. There is clearly a drive within Oxfordshire to take an innovative approach to clean energy and the adoption of hydrogen and fuel cells will be an important factor in achieving ambitious goals such as the zero-emission zone in 2020.

“The Hydrogen Hub will now work in collaboration with local stakeholders to develop deployment projects that will position Oxfordshire as a leader in these technologies.”

Clare Jackson, Hydrogen Hub manager:

“Hydrogen is an absolute necessity for the transition to a new, cleaner energy system. What we are trying to do is to ensure Oxford is an early adopter, early mover so they can take advantage of the fact that there’s going to be a huge global market for this technology.”

Susan Halliwell, Director for Planning and Place, Oxfordshire County Council:

“Oxfordshire County Council is committed to a supporting the development of a low carbon future across the county.

“Hydrogen technologies have a key role to play in realising this future, providing a pathway to cost effective clean energy.

“We are pleased to be partnering with the Hydrogen Hub to launch the Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub and look forward to working together to drive investment in this important technology.”

Oxfordshire County Council’s Innovation and Research team has been instrumental in developing the links between business and academia, as well as securing external funding for projects for the county which will drive new solutions for Oxfordshire and beyond

Sylvie Childs, Senior Product Manager, Hyundai:

“Fuel cell electric vehicles, while being sustainable, require very little adjustment to driver habit.  Our new fuel cell vehicle – the NEXO which will be on sale early next year – offers a re-fuelling time of just a couple of minutes and a 500 mile range which will get you all the way from Oxford to Newcastle and back again on a full tank of hydrogen. It emits nothing but water vapour and even cleans the air as it drives.

As a company, we want to offer consumers a wide range of powertrain choices so they’re able to make the most appropriate decision based on their needs, but we see NEXO as being our technological flagship that will help to build a more sustainable future.”

Notes to editor:

  1. Link to BBC video https://www.hydrogenhub.org/2018/03/21/xfordshire-hydrogen-hub-transition-greener-transport-future/
  2. The Oxfordshire Hydrogen Hub has been set up to bring together local stakeholders and the hydrogen and fuel cell industry to develop projects that will deploy technology in a way which meets the local energy needs of the community.
  3. The Hydrogen Hub launched in Swindon and Wiltshire in January 2016 and has since driven over £1.5 million of external investment in hydrogen and fuel cell projects in the region with over 50 different organisations participating in working groups and projects. The Hydrogen Hub has attracted attention from Government with Energy Minister Claire Perry visiting the Hub this year.

For more information please see www.hydrogenhub.org or contact Clare Jackson at E: clare.jackson@hydrogenhub.org

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