A great green day in Swindon – Showcasing the best of Hydrogen Cars

Last week the Hydrogen Hub, an initiative of Ecuity Consulting LLP, introduced Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology to the next generation of users. Visitors to Lydiard Park were treated to an amazing display of cutting edge fuel cell cars including models from Toyota, Hyundai and British independent car developer Riversimple. These cars are currently being pioneered by Swindon based businesses, Arval, National Trust, Nationwide and the Science Museum Group who were there to show the visitors around the cars and explain some of the benefits of the technology.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are the latest low carbon vehicle technology delivering the green credentials of an electric vehicle with the user experience of a traditional petrol diesel. Hydrogen cars’ only emission is water, they take 3 minutes to fill up and have a range of 300 miles.

In the morning, the Hydrogen Hub held a business event which was a chance for local businesses to come and learn about the technology. With presentations from the technology providers and the companies using them, businesses left excited by the technology, many with plans to introduce hydrogen cars into their own fleets.

The cars on display were introduced to Swindon earlier this year under a funding program from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles. The Hydrogen Hub secured funding for five vehicles which can now regularly be seen on the roads of Swindon and Wiltshire. As a result, Swindon is now one of the leading locations for this technology.

Some of the visitors were a few years off getting their driving licenses, but perhaps by the time this racer gets there, his test will be taken in a hydrogen fuel cell car. Good to get the practice in early!

For more information please see www.hydrogenhub.org or contact Clare Jackson at E: clare.jackson@hydrogenhub.org


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