Hydrogen Hub Car Showcase

Date: Wednesday 23 August 2017

Location: Luxborough Room, Lydiard House, Lydiard Park

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The Hydrogen Hub Car Showcase will be an opportunity for businesses to learn about hydrogen fuel cell cars as well as to ride in and explore the vehicles themselves. There will be representatives from companies in Swindon that are currently using the vehicles who will be sharing their experiences including Arval, the National Trust, Nationwide and the Science Museum Group.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles are the latest cutting edge green technology on the market. The vehicles are zero emission vehicles with zero CO2, NOx, SOx and particulates emitted. They offer the low carbon green credentials of battery electric vehicles but with the user experience benefits of petrol diesel. Fuel cell vehicles take 3 minutes to refill and have a range of 300 miles.

These cars from Toyota and Hyundai Motor were brought to Swindon under an OLEV (Office for Low Emissions Vehicles) funding scheme. The benefits of this technology are recognised by the UK Government and as such there is a new funding competition that will enable further companies to access the cars. There will be information at the event as to how Swindon businesses can get involved in the next phase of cars.

Other cars like Riversimple’s Rasa will also be on display at the event.


10.30: Arrival

10:45 :Introduction to the Swindon Hydrogen Hub

11:00 : Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehciles

11:15 : Case Studies – Arval, National Trust, Nationwide, Science Museum Group

12.45: Upcoming funding opportunity

1:00 : Car rides

1:30 : Event End

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Other contacts:

Laura Blaj

E: laura.blaj@hydrogenhub.org 

Clare Jackson

E: clare.jackson@hydrogenhub.org

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