Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies offer the UK a unique opportunity to secure cost effective, clean, secure energy for power, heat and transportation. The Hydrogen Hub exists to make that vision a reality.

Who We Are

The Hydrogen Hub is an industry-led community of stakeholders from
across the hydrogen and fuel cell supply chain, Government, local authorities,
businesses and current and potential users.

What We Do

The Hydrogen Hub establishes communities or “Hubs” of stakeholders
who work together to drive investment in hydrogen and fuel cell technology
on a local and national scale.

Local Hydrogen Hubs

Local Hydrogen Hubs bring together industry, local businesses, local stakeholders and local authorities to develop and deploy hydrogen and fuel cell projects in a way which meets the energy and transportation needs of the local community.
By creating targeted Hubs and concentrating activity locally, infrastructure can be shared, costs reduced and communities engaged.

UK Hydrogen Hub

The UK Hydrogen Hub represents the Hydrogen Hub on the national stage. Policy support and regulatory frameworks are crucial for all emerging low carbon technologies. We work with external stakeholders and policy makers to ensure that energy and transportation policy addresses the challenges faced by industry and reflects the value delivered to the UK by hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

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